It started on a not so expected scenario.

It all began back on year 2002. The sisters where on their first year of college on their course (BSCS). They where unaware to things that they be bounded with pure friendship.

The first semester of their schooling defines a natural and common days for the students. They commonly known each other as a classmate.

And a big spin happened that their friendship built. In a sudden their teacher on their Humanity subject where told them to group their selves into eight persons in order to have their project. In unaware grouping, the four had met and joined the group as one.

They’ve shared fun and happy memories as they go on with their project. Having tied up with their out of town project makes a factor to build their relationship as friends.

They went to Samal Island to take their project. It was a memorable escapades to them.


(From left to right) A3, A2, A1, A4


These were the beautiful and intelligent ladies in the family. This picture where taken from the school Sport Festival.

A3 said: During the game, I think the coach from the other team called for a time out when we freezes ourselves here to take a picture.

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